Safe. Innovative. Transparent.

Who we are

EFT Global is a fully licensed and regulated online
payment processing company who provides a large
range of payment processing services for small,
medium and large sized businesses, merchants,
and individuals selling online internationally.
As a Financial Institution and a payment
processor, our company collects the funds
for several payment methods and you do not
have to negotiate prices or contract with
any other financial institution. In this way
we can propose you very competitive prices
and we minimise intermediaries in the payment
processing and consequentely reduce the
payments delays.
  • Accessible on mobile devices
  • Multiple currencies can be handled
    in Europe and internationally
  • Building solutions around personal
  • Can consider possible changes as you grow and
    enter in new markets
  • Two different types of payments according to
    your activity
  • Expert and available customer service
  • Legal and financial advices
  • Reporting system with accurately reports
  • Full accounting point of view
In accordance with the Financial Institutions Act, EFT Global is a fully licensed company allowed to execute payment transactions by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).
As a financial institution, EFT Global is regulated by the MFSA and the Central Bank of Malta.
The European Central Bank ensures a supervision of the national bank.
Our company complies with the European directives and publishes the informations required the European Central Bank about the name of the company, its activity and its operating income.
EFT Global also respects the standards and is in totally compliance with the Financial Intelligent Analysis Unit (FIAU) in Malta.
According to the Article 16 of the Prevention Money Laundering Act the FIAU may require from any financial institution any information to prevent financial fraud and money laundering.
Our company guarantees a full cooperations with the agents of the FIAU to achieve their missions of compliance monitoring and financial analysis.

Ecommerce merchants ask nowadays for the safest way of processing payment and EFT Global offers this service to online businesses.
Our company develops and delivers global online transaction processing technologies to help the merchants to accept credit card or alternative payments methods.
EFT Global technology is characterised by a high automation level (of the transaction processes) that improves quality, safety and speed of the transaction processes letting you know always how are going the payments.
The company offers verification services which query a database of originators to safeguard, as well as offering clients the ability to query details of their customers for valid accounts and funds availability.
Our company also possess the PCI dss compliance accreditation.