The best quality online payment service.
No matter the market and the risk the activity involves.
We are committed in providing the safest services possible to
low, medium and high risk sectors.

Low risk markets:
  • General retail
  • Car rental agency
  • Computer/telephone supplies
  • Jewelry stores
  • Electronic stores
  • Internet service providers
  • Art dealers
  • Software Packages
  • Charities
Medium risk markets:
  • Health and Beauty products
  • Telephone
  • Communication Services
  • Tuition for schools and university
  • Utility payments
  • Attorneys
We are aware that
companies with high
activities are
looking for the safest
payment processing
solution. That is why we
committed in providing
them the best quality


Backed by its experience, our company knows that ticket
sales can be a target for fraudolent activities.
That is why our systems have built-in fraud checking to assist
transactions in minimising this risk.


Gaming is another sector where the key consideration is
fraud protection.
Considering that we are able to offer you a scalable
and cutomizable system.


Merchants selling adult entertainment could face another difficulty:
the lack of suppliers in this field. To allow merchants doing their
transactions on their best without being forced to accept
substandard payment service, our company proposes you the
safest and quickest service for your business.


Binary Options and trading on the Forex market is a huge growth
area. Given the nature of these activities, most of payment
processors consider them as high-risk. EFT Global offer you a safe
pair of hands in this area and a cost-effective service.